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Radio Cairo

About us :


Mohamed Shawky

Age : 22
: Egypt 
: Design & development
Hi, I'm Mohamed Shawky
22 years old, bachelor's degree in accounting
and certificated in computer programming
with good knowledge about computer science,
I like computer science and programming specially web development .
As an old listener to Radio Cairo I made this site, it's analyzed, designed and developed by me, This site created and built as other web pages with HTML language, CSS and Java Script, it's so nice and easy for me,
I like this kind of work .

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Information about Radio Cairo by :


Ibrahim El-Sekally

Age : 23
: Egypt 
: Gathering the information
Hi, there
This is Ibrahim El-Sekally, an old listener to the radio, I thought that the radio should have a website at least to activate with the listeners , my part is gathering and supporting the information to the site, and I would like to thank my friend M.Shawky for this wonderful site and he made it for free, I'm waiting for your suggestion and question concerning to the information on my e-mail and I promise I'll take it into consideration .
I'm just...a moment... in time.
a blink of an eye..., a dream for a blind..., avision for a dying brain.!

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